46BWC 2019-2020 Paid Membership Update

Thanks to the generous alumnae who have paid their BWC membership dues this year!

Many people have asked what the Sustaining Membership means. It is simply a higher level of annual dues. Although it is not documented in our records, legend has it that our regular dues level of $20 proved insufficient to support the activities the club wanted to do. The club did not want to simply raise the regular dues level, so a two-tiered membership was adopted. Sustaining membership is still an annual membership ($40), and provides extra funding to allow us to serve you better.  It's not too late to pay your membership dues.  Simply click here for instructions.

List updated as of 11/4/19       * indicates a Sustaining Member

Apgar*, Belgrad*, Benedict, Boampong*, Bogan-Reohr, Bonnell, Boyle*, Bradley*, Buchler*, Ceruolo*, Chang, Converse*, Coons, Darby, DeLony*, Donovan*, Entwisle*, Fletcher*, Gell, Gheorghiu*, Gordon*, Gorecki*, Hammond*, Hawkinson*, Henkle*, Hoobler*, Humphries*, Kysel, Lieder*, Martin*, Murray*, Prechtl, Prettyman*, Rapacz*, Sesler-Beckman*, Siegelman*, Smith*, Stark*, Stifler*, Strauss, Tarbell*, Templeton*, Thornton, Trimble*, Ugarte, Vickery*, Votaw, Wabeke, Warner*, Wilson*, Yoder*