wrjiDATE TBD Apr/May:  Opening Conversation About Race

 Please contact Jessica Strauss '77 if you are interested in participating

You are warmly invited and enthusiastically urged to join us for Opening Conversation About Race, a program created by the Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative (WRJI), an independent effort by alums committed to transforming our culture and its institutions of power.  In these perilous times, it is often hard to see our way through to becoming “the change” we so long for.  Where should we turn to examine our hearts, speak honestly, and gain new insights and skills to address the racial divide? How can we be an instrument of transformation -- as a person of color or as an ally and face bravely a system of white supremacy, in which we all unwittingly participate? If we believe “it starts with me,” what do we need to learn, say, and do to move our country towards racial justice?

     Opening Conversation is a facilitated dialogue that has been piloted and refined over the past year at the Boston Club, the New York Club, and at Reunion 2019, where 75 alumnae participated.  It is a place to start, a way to enter or further the work we are doing, both on ourselves and in our families and communities. This project will be followed by next-step dialogues and action projects that will be offered to clubs and individual alums over the next year or more-- projects that speak to the needs and interests of Wellesley graduates, whatever their interest and skill level may be.

     Baltimore Wellesley Club would like to hold its first Opening Conversation in May or June.  We had inadvertently scheduled the conversation on February 2, but that is Super Bowl Sunday which does not seem like a good idea.  We would like to reschedule the conversation for a weekend in May or June, but first want to gauge the level of interest.  The event will be hosted and facilitated by Jessica Strauss ‘77, one of the founding members of the WRJI Leadership Collective, at her home in the neighborhood of Oakenshawe in Baltimore City. There is ample street parking surrounding the home.  Refreshments will be offered. Please take a moment to reach out to Jessica and let her know if you would like to participate Jes.extra@gmail.com

Jessica would gratefully welcome an alum of color to co-facilitate this event with her.  If you are interested, please call her at 410-336-0333.